Who is Brendon Ellis?

I am a digital marketing specialist and overall nerdy guy. I have a passion for writing, drawing (as bad as it is) and creative storytelling. I recently fell in love with the tabletop game ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ and learned that my dad played it in the 70s. It soon became a desire to build my own tabletop game and I had published my own science fiction novel. I thought it would be a perfect match. Science fiction and a tabletop game to play with friends.

Sometimes life isn’t always fun things, so I went to school in marketing and became very strong in the field. That is why my own portfolio is here as well.

What’s Here?

Here you can find information about me, Brendon Ellis, as an author, digital marketing expert, and person.

A Focus on Storytelling

We are focused on storytelling through different mediums. From using digital marketing, writing a novel, or providing people to share their own stories through tabletop role-playing games.

Writing and Finding Motivation

It can be super difficult to find motivation when writing. When you are stuck searching for ideas or not being able to think of anything knew, it is better known as writer’s block. What Is Writer’s Block? Merriam Webster defines writer’s block as, “a psychological inhibition preventing a writer from proceeding with a piece” I…

Writing through a Global Pandemic

The past year has been very different to say the least. It has been a time of depressing news, death, and very few positive things. It can also be an opportunity, that is what it became for me. I have barely left my house over the past year, and focused on bettering myself as a…

Who is Brendon Ellis?

Hello, I’m Brendon. This seems like a good way to inform you as to who I am, what I stand for, and why all of that matters. I am someone who recently completed a degree in marketing, but I learned as an incoming freshman to university that I love writing more than anything else. I…