Writing through a Global Pandemic

The past year has been very different to say the least. It has been a time of depressing news, death, and very few positive things.

It can also be an opportunity, that is what it became for me. I have barely left my house over the past year, and focused on bettering myself as a student, professional in the field of marketing, and as an author. I spent the early months of 2020 trying to become better at things that I thought were cool to learn. I tried learning how to play the guitar, that failed miserably. So I turned to drawing, which I find super interesting still and I have grown at it. I am still awful, but I was so much worse. Then we get to writing, this pandemic gave me an opportunity to finish the book I had spent years creating. I had no reason to put it off further, I finished my four year degree and I was writing while looking for a job. It took a long time for me to find a job, but I finished the book and though of ideas to help my book.

This website is one of those ideas, it is a way for me to market my own work, but it can also be so much more. I know that it is impossible for a writer to ignore the world around them especially when the world is like today. Since we have had a year like this, I believe there is going to be so much content from authors, bloggers, content writers and creators. Eventually we will move back toward normalcy and we will have the ability to see how the pandemic affected content.

I think there is one massive benefit to being a writer or reader during a pandemic, now more than ever, we need an escape from reality. Content creators provide that escape, not only for themselves, but for the watcher or reader. It is hard to write during the pandemic, in a time full of negatives content creation is the biggest positive.

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