The Sirius System

The Unknown is the first book written by me. It takes place in the year 2525 when humankind has moved to a new galaxy, the Sirius System. The galaxy is filled with planets and moons of Earth’s old cultures and the story is about a group of people being brought together to find the truth about one of their newfound friends.

The Characters of The Unknown

There are several main characters of the novel, each having different goals, attitudes and ways of getting around this dangerous galaxy. The main characters are; Clair and Griffin King, Jason Jones, Aletheia Galantis, Dr. Amelia Sherwood, and the one called Violet.

Clair and Griffin King are siblings who grew up in a juvenile center on the planet of Lemuria. Griffin spends most of his time starting fights and making terrible decisions, he is the brawn while his sister is the brains. Clair is quiet, but when pushed, she is not afraid to push back with equal or more force. One thing besides their family that they have in common is their love for a challenge.

Jason Jones is a mechanical genius. He was able to build a fully functioning robot companion named Dagon while being fluent in 6 different languages. Of course, there couldn’t be zero repercussions to his genius, by creating a sentient companion, he made himself a target for the galaxy-wide governing body, the Council of Sovereign Worlds.

Aletheia Galantis is cunning and incredibly smart in her own right. She is a flower shop owner during the day and a vigilante at night, being able to kick ass and create devices that make her life easier, especially her unique mask.

Dr. Amelia Sherwood, her friends call her Mel, she is a rebel at heart and has a strong moral compass. She understands how the galaxy works and wants to do everything she can to make it better for those who are unfortunate.

Violet is a very strange woman. Her preferred method of travelling is skipping and following where her nose “wants her to go”. Just because she is fairly insane, that doesn’t mean that she is a bad person. She also has a past as an assassin where she definitely did terrible things and was seemingly experimented on to make her the very unique way she is.

The Story of The Unknown

Without too many spoilers, the general story is that these people unite in order to find out how and why Violet was experimented on. They travel to different planets and moons to find answers while simultaneously becoming closer to each other. There is a lot that they don’t know about themselves and each other, sometimes the only way to learn is through an epic adventure.

“I loved reading this book and especially loved the characters. They each were developed well and had their own personalities, traits, and experiences that made them who they are, which made reading enjoyable. I highly recommend reading it, especially if you are a sci-fi lover!”

Sirius System Tabletop Game

Over the past few months, we’ve been creating a tabletop game that takes place within this galaxy. It is heavily a work in progress and is currently being playtested. You can find more information on the tabletop page, including a downloadable rulebook and character sheets.

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